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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q …..What type of inspection is best suited for the house I’m looking to purchase? 


A…. To determine which inspection is best suited we ask a series of questions, this gives us a good understanding of the home you are looking at. Questions we ask are, what year was the home built, what type of cladding or claddings have been used, how many levels does the home have, does it have any internal gutters or upper level balconies that sit above lower level habitable space. With these answers we will be able to recommend the best inspection type.

  • Q…..What does the building condition report cover? 


A….. The report covers all main components of the home, we inspect the foundations, roof, electrical, plumbing, cladding, joinery, bathrooms, kitchen, wet areas and interior. The report is a visual inspection of the home and we are looking for significant defect, we take into consideration the age of the home and generally don’t itemize minor defects. The building condition report is not designed to be a maintenance list, more a report targeting significant defects.

  • Q…..How Much does the inspection cost?


A…..Our fee depends on a number of things. When we have asked the questions about the home to ascertain what type of inspection is required, we also ask some additional questions and with that we would be able to let you know what our fee would be.

  • Q…..How will you inspect the roof if it’s a two story building? 


A…..We are able to inspect a roof of any height using a drone. We have the latest DJi drone which allows us to clearly see the roof of any height, the drone has a top of the line camera with optical zoom to allow us to get up and close to the roofing material, we can also cate video or images and include these in to the report. 

  • Q…..Do you check for moisture? 


A…..Yes as part of our standard comprehensive report we use a hand held moisture scanner, this is used around doors, windows, wet areas and also around commonly known areas that have been known to cause issues. As part of our comprehensive report including thermal imaging, we use both the hand held moisture scanner and a high quality thermal imaging camera, the camera allows us to scan high level walls and ceilings looking for anomalies, anomalies are then checked with the hand held scanner where possible. 

  • Q….. Can you also do meth testing and asbestos testing as part of the report? 


A….. Yes, we can include both meth and asbestos testing as part of the inspection, for both of these test we gather the appropriate samples and send them to a laboratory for testing.

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